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This was fun to play! How is development progressing?


A bit slow. We are trying to fix problems people told us about in the demo, the biggest one being battles.

I will make a devlog regarding details in the coming weeks.

Tried to start it, crashed immediately on my shitty Win10 Laptop. Maybe not your fault. Looks so interesting, would love to play it. Cheers! 

Hey Rick, have you installed OpenAL?

(You can install it by double clicking the oalinst.exe file that is in the game folder)


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Yo, this is Goodlookinguy from the MCNE scripting language project that you use for this game. With the forums you requested bug fixes in shutting down, I attempted to send you an email with my personal email so that you could request bug fixes to me personally, but the forum email was apparently invalid. I then tried to send one on your site and I don't think it works. Anyways, for now just send me bug reports on Bitbucket I guess, unless you did get that email.


OMG this is amazing! I really like the graphic and battles similar to Final Fantasy and the funniness ahah

Everytime I execute the game it immediately closes out.

Are you on Windows or Mac? If you are on Windows, have you installed oalinst.exe?

Yes, I have installed oalinst.exe

Ok sorry, I don't know what that could be. If you can provide PC specs that will give me a bit better idea.


Good game, really looking forward to the full version!


This is a great game and i cant wait for more of it to come out

Thank you!
We should have the next demo ready early July.