New Demo, we need Testers! (get paid 5$)

Hello everyone, we are looking for testers for our second Demo.
You play the demo, answer some questions and we will pay you 5$ as a thank you for your feedback.

Sounds good?

Sign up here ->
(you can find all details on the page)


Frameland is a 2D-RPG played from two different Perspectives:
Ryiu, a young boy from Hammertal who gets separated from his parents
and Yuri, an engineer working in a secret lab.
Battles are Turn-Based, but add a Timing Element for more interactive battles.
This demo is around 60 to 100 minutes of playtime.


For the people that played the first demo:
This demo is about double the size in content and has a brand new battle system.

You can find a lot gifs and images on our twitter page:

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